Public Service Commission Enterprise Agreement

46.1 Where a worker has died or the Australian delegate has indicated that a worker is presumed to have died on any given day, the Australian Information Commissioner or delegate may authorize payment of the amount to which the worker would have been entitled if the worker had terminated his employment by resigning or retiring. Payment can be made to the worker`s dependants or partner or the worker`s legal personal representative. If a payment has not been made within 12 months of the worker`s death, it is immediately paid to the legal staff representative. Long-term service leave credits are paid under the Long Service Leave Act (Commonwealth Employees) 1976. 41.3 Part-time and casual workers are granted long-term leave on a pro-rata basis under the Long Service Leave (Commonwealth Employees) Act 1976. 43.5 If a public holiday falls during a period when a worker is absent on leave (excluding annual leave or paid family or care leave), there is no entitlement to payment as a public holiday. The payment of this date would correspond to the right to this form of leave (for example. B in case of longer service leave in case of half payment, paid half the payment). 23.3 Employer contributions for aging are not paid on behalf of workers during periods of unpaid leave, which are not considered a service, unless required by law. 31.7 Purchased holidays are considered a service for all purposes. It also means that any improvement in payment or conditions must be funded by the Agency`s existing budget allocations, without redirecting program resources for the duration of the agreement.

50.2 There is no upfront fee for staff to go to the referral centre, but if the referral service passes staff to another department or agrees to provide services in addition to contract services at ICAO, staff are responsible for any costs.