Rbc Electronic Agreement

Investment Account (e): In some cases, securities laws may give you the right to terminate the purchase of a marketed investment fund within a specified period of time from receiving certain information from RMFI. It is your responsibility to monitor your online banking and mobile banking information (if any) in order to comply with the terms of your account agreement with RMFI or to enforce your rights under securities law. This electronic access agreement (agreement) applies when you use online and mobile banking (Digital Banking), other digital services and certain third-party services. This is a legally binding agreement between you and the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC, us, us or ourselves). You can find definitions for all the grossized terms that are not explained in Part 4 – definitions. “Electronic signature” refers to all electronic information that is unique to you and that you create or accept to show your consent. Examples of electronic signatures are an electronic representation of your handwritten signature or a click on a “I accept” button, combined with relevant data such as the date, time and user ID. How we communicate with you: You agree that we communicate with you electronically through the Message Centre and Alert Centre, your devices, your RBC websites, email, personal digital assistants or fax (electronic). We can also contact you or send you notifications by mail.

“Electronic means” are important in the Communication and Communications section of Part 3 – Digital Banking and other services. Electronic agreements and signatures are binding: the agreements you accept electronically, including the use of an electronic signature, are binding and have the same legal value as if they were written on paper. They will not dispute any agreement or other condition with us on the basis that it was provided, received or concluded electronically, including the use of an electronic signature. We are the holders of all the intellectual property rights that exist on every web page of Digital Banking and Mobile Payments screens made available through our applications. Unless otherwise stated, the marks and logos and all works, including texts, images, illustrations, software, HTML codes, audio clips and videos that appear on our services, are our property. No part of a web page in Digital Banking and Mobile Payments can be reproduced, re-published, downloaded, posted, distributed or modified, in whole or in part, in any form without our express written permission. The only exception applies to personal and non-commercial use (including the posting, printing or archiving of electronic copies of your digital banking activities) which, moreover, comply with the provisions of this Agreement and may continue to order them. No provision of this Agreement or services shall be construed as conferring a right to the use of our works, trademarks or logos by other means. “You made this clause that frees itself from liability,” said the North Vancouver contractor, referring to a section of its agreement that RBC refused after losing $1,500 in the event of electronic transfer fraud last May. CIBC`s agreement, last updated in 2016, raised concerns about the clarity of the language. Send a prepaid card via eGift services: You are responsible for providing the recipient of the eGift with correct and operational contact information (z.B.

an email address or mobile phone number) and ensuring that the recipient of the eGift has agreed to provide the contact information of the eGift recipient for sending the prepaid card.