Ultraedit End User License Agreement

This is because you have installed an older version (z.B. UltraEdit v16 or before). Please update the latest version that can run your license via Help -> Check for Updates or by downloading here. We can provide any UltraEdit license, including annual subscriptions, indeterminate user licenses, simultaneous user licenses, training licenses, upgrades and renewals. 3.2 Separation of components. THE PRODUCT IS allowed as a single product. Its components must not be separated to be used on more than one computer. You must not unbundle or recondition the PRODUCT SOFTWARE to distribute it. Teaching Licenses: An educational version of the user`s name or competitor license is available to non-profit educational institutions. To qualify for a student/teacher discount or a university/class education discount, you must be enrolled in an accredited public or private university or institution (including community, junior or professional colleges) that require degrees that require no less than the equivalent of two years of full-time study.

All UltraEdit licenses have unlimited lifetime technical support via email. Users with an up-to-date subscription license are entitled to priority support. For more information, visit the IDM support page. 1.3 Use of the server. You can only install THE SOFTWARE on computer file servers on your internal network for the use of THE SOFTWARE initiated by a person from a computer within the same internal network, as section 1.1 allows. The total number of users (not the simultaneous number of users) who can use THE SOFTWARE on these computer file servers should not exceed the number of authorized users, as indicated in the purchased license. For all other license transfers, prior written consent from IDM is required. The transfer of license is not valid unless the purchaser agrees in writing to the rights to use the product, the restrictions of use and the limitations of liability. Any transfer made in violation of the requirements or restrictions of this section is null and void and may result in the termination of the licence. You cannot transfer short-term licenses or transfer temporary usage rights. 18.

Recognition and third-party conditions. THE PRODUCT OR THE SOFTWARE may use or include third-party components or content and other copyrighted or publicly licensed material. Component documentation contains additional confirmations, licensing conditions and disclaimers for these components, contents or materials, and your use of these components, contents or materials is subject to your terms and conditions. More than 200 users or Enterprise Subscription License Renewal 3.8 Limitation of the trial version. Your rights to install and use the trial version in this section expire immediately at (a) expiration of the trial period or (b) the date you purchase a license for THE SOFTWARE PRODUCT or THE SOFTWARE. YOU RECOGNIZE THAT THE TRIAL VERSION CAN LIMITED FEATURES, DEPENDING ON A LIMITED PERIOD OF TIME, OTHER LIMITATIONS ARE NOT AVAILABLE IN A NON-TRIAL VERSION OF THE SOFTWARE. NOTWITHSTANDING ANYTHING TO THE CONTRARY IN THIS EULA, THE TRIAL VERSION OF ANY IDM SOFTWARE PRODUCT OR SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED TO YOU ON AN “AS IS” BASIS, AND IDM DISS ANY WARRANTY OR LIABILITY OBLIGATIONS TO YOU OF ANY KIND. For Windows, your license is applied worldwide to your system. Any user account in your system can access the activated software. For Mac and Linux, your license is only applied to your user account.