Asx Market Source Agreement

Follow market trends with full ASX data, delaying 20 minutes for the cash equity market and 10 minutes for the derivatives market. Today`s investors and traders demand quick and accurate market information. By becoming an ASX supplier, you can provide your customers and customers with the information they need, whenever they need it. Links to third-party websites and other resources The website contains links to third-party sites and other resources provided by third parties. These websites and related resources are not subject to ASX control and, to the extent permitted by law, ASX explicitly disclaims any liability or legal liability to anyone for direct, indirect, special, accidental, consecutive or punitive losses, or damage caused by or in connection with your access to a website or related resource, the content of a website or related resource accessible via the site, or a subsequent hyperlient on that site. The inclusion of a link to third-party websites and/or resources does not imply ASX`s approval or approval of those related websites or resources or of the products, services or information you receive. Market makers play an important role in enabling buyers and sellers to operate in the markets. They provide liquidity to markets by providing trading prices during the trading day and updating their prices to reflect developments in the underlying markets. Designated market makers receive incentives from ASX when they establish contracts in accordance with market specifications under the systems. ASX offers marketing programs to further promote liquidity in the markets shown in the table below. Please click on the appropriate market to learn more about current market specifications. Enter new trends and develop your business strategy with reliable and timely market data directly from the source All trading stops just a few minutes before the market opens today, when the SEC reviewed the “current market problems.” We have the right to terminate or suspend your account at any time if we believe that you have not complied with these Terms of Use or any other Agreement between us. Inform and test your trading strategies with historical price data that covers each ASX market.

Discover and test new strategies, develop risk and execution models, or analyze and explore past trades with a complete set of historical data. Get direct access to comprehensive market and business information from our trading, clearing and settlement systems. Eliminate the risk of delayed or inaccurate information by recovering it directly from the source. The ASX stock market is currently blocked and there is no trading as we study market data issues. ASX apologizes for the disruption and is working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Market setting specifications generally include a minimum period for contract production under the regime and a minimum liquidity requirement. There is also a limit on the maximum margin between the offer price and the offer price that a “Market Maker” can offer for the production of markets under the scheme. The rules recognize that there will be certain circumstances in which it is reasonable not to expect designated market makerns to establish contracts in accordance with market specifications.

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