Vendor In Agreement Differs From Fixed Vendor

The source list identifies preferred sources of supply for certain materials. If the list of sources has been properly maintained, the source of a material and the period during which you can order the material from the source are identified. The source list (ME01) is at the factory level, but the regular creditor is at the customer level. With the “Normal Kreditor” indicator in the information package, you indicate that material should be obtained preferably by that customer, i.e. across the group. The regular creditor is therefore comparable to the fixed credit system that can be indicated in the source list for the plant at the lower level of the organization. You should only use the usual credit pointer if you have only recorded information records in the system for a hardware and you prefer not to create a source list to control the source search process. Dear; Go to the source list and remove fixed source indicator According to my understanding, the regular provider is only used if you do not intend to use the source list or QS, and if you have multiple records of information for the same hardware and want to make a credit pointer for this type of PORG and hardware as corrected , then check the regular provider in the set of information. but here, if I understood what is being asked, is that the list of sources is already well maintained, and what happens is that the information set that was produced early is recorded by the mrp as a source, because it is marked as relevant.

The purpose of the source search process is to automatically assign a source of supply to an order request. If the indicator has defined the source determination indicator in the requirement header, the system is looking for the possible source of supply for all positions of the requirement. If the system finds multiple sources valid for a single item, the decision-making process can be supported by a price simulation or a reference to data from the vendor`s evaluation function. The list of sources must indicate which source of supply is valid for a specified period of time. It is also possible to indicate a preferred source as indicated in the source list for a given period. With regard to automatic source identification, the system specifically proposes this source, even if there are other potential sources. Anurag, I don`t understand what you are, but the concept of regular provider in SAP solves all your startup difficulties… Kannan Can you check which creditor code is assigned in your contract, which could be the cause hi, If I create direct public relations, the field “Fixed Lender” is selected automatically and cannot be deleted. (this field is inactive) How do I delete this Fixed Supplier Field data form? Why is it automatically selected when I do direct public relations? I think a certain fixed lender is not identified as the relevantvendor mrp in your source list.

Check this fixed credit tag as a MRPrelevant with 1 or 2 (depending on the request) and mrp should be able to select the relvant record from the source list. Normally, this error message:Credit X is different from the Kreditor Y 06 047 return number. You place the license plate of the credit organ in the general data of the information game. In order for the normal creditor to be drawn when searching for the source, the supplier`s regular use must be activated in the customizing for the plant in question. If the license plate has been placed in the information set and the adjustment of the customizing has been made, the regular creditor is proposed as the only source. If additional framework agreement elements are present in the system, the outcome of the source identification process depends on the existence of a source list. It is therefore recommended to use the ordinary lender function only in one scenario where only sets of information have been created in the system.