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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 (Xbox one, PS4, PC)

Tom Clancy’s The Division: Last Stand (Xbox one, PS4, PC)
Tom Clancy’s The Division (Xbox one, PS4, PC)
Far Cry 4 (Xbox one, PS4, PC)
Ghost Recon Future Soldier (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 & DLC Maps (Xbox 360, PS3)
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter & DLC Maps (Xbox 360, PS3)
Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike (Xbox)
Ghost Recon 2 (Xbox)
Myth II (PC, Mac)

Nearly 20 years of experience in production, with a strong focus on meeting aesthetic goals while balancing gameplay and technical goals. Proven history of leading teams comprised of level designers, artists, and technical artists to create unique environments that provide well-designed and highly polished experiences for the player.  High quality organic and hard surface modeling, material creation, and final implementation of environment assets. Highly collaborative, dedicated, and engaged with the overall game to ensure all areas of discipline are well represented while delivering a focused high quality experience for the player.


Art / Creative
• Strong skills in level composition, level construction, and modular planning.
• Experienced in creating all aspects of Environment art, from base layout to final polished art using the latest tools and techniques.
• Hard surface and organic environment modeling using high to low poly workflow.
• Environment material and texture creation using PBR workflow.

• Establish workflows for level artists that are efficient and allow for quick iteration.
• Establish modular sets, including planning, setting benchmarks, construction, and implementation.
• Ensure data integrity for levels, assets, materials, and textures.

Leadership / Collaboration
• Constructive, iterative critiques of modeling, texturing, scene layout, lighting, and technical requirements across multiple disciplines and skill levels.
• Building and supporting teams through mentoring, hands on training, and by setting clear achievable goals for teams and individuals.
• Cross-studio worldwide collaboration, strong written and verbal communication to ensure consistency across the project.
• Research, create, and present pitch documents, style sheets, map briefs, user stories, and process breakdowns to ensure clear achievable goals for the entire team.
• Day to day management, training, and support through open, direct communication with all disciplines to encourage positive, motivated and efficient teams.

• Content: 3dsMax, Maya, ZBrush, Substance Suite, Marmoset Toolbag3, Photoshop, UV Layout, Speedtree
• Engine: Snowdrop, Dunia, Anvil, Unreal, Unity
• Applications: JIRA, Shotgun, Perforce, SharePoint, Confluence, MS Office Suite


Hardsuit Labs, 2018-present

Sr. Environment Artist

Hardsuit Labs, 2018-present
Sr. Environment Artist for Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2

• Layout and composition for various levels, with a focus on reinforcing  narrative themes thorough environmental story telling.

• Collaborated with Level Designers, Sound Designers, Narrative Designers to achieve the goals for each area.

• Modeling and sculpting various organic and architectural assets.

• Material creation for various surfaces used throughout the game.

Red Storm Entertainment
Lead Level Artist, 2014-2018
Lead Level Artist for The Division’s Dark Zone section of Manhattan.

• Collaborated directly with creative leads, across multiple studios, to establish and implement global direction for the open world.
• Led team to plan and create unique environments that provided a well-designed and highly polished experience for the player.
• Clearly defined goals and expectations for a team of level artists to ensure the highest quality environments.
• Collaborate with leads and directors to achieve quality throughout all shared aspects of the project.
• Collaborate with area leads to plan and design layout, while taking into account design, art and technical goals, for the entire Dark Zone and DZ North open world areas.
• Collaborated with the Art Director to develop art direction, initial prototype/benchmark and team implementation of the heavily contaminated themed areas in the dark zone.
• Collaborated with design, art and tech to plan and implementation of an modular hallway set to allow team to provide much needed additional side routes while maintaining a light memory footprint while maintaining art quality.
• Create and implement “blueprint” style node-graph templates for entire team to use in production.

Lead Level Art/Design, 2012-2014
Lead Level Artist for Far Cry 4 multiplayer levels.

• Primary point of contact for local team of level designers, level artists and asset artists.
• Responsible for defining workflow to incorporate existing Art direction and open world spaces into unique multiplayer spaces.
• Trained local team on the Dunia tool set through written documentation and hands on training sessions.
• Led team to create initial paper layouts through block out spaces, with a focus on quick iteration to meet the needs of game design.
• Collaborated with local QC Team local and in Bucharest to define test plan to ensure clear communication between production and QC.

Technical Direction Level Design/Art, 2010-2012
LD/LA Technical Director for Ghost Recon: Future Solider.

• Collaborated with engine, design, and art teams to provide levels within memory and performance budgets.
• Established budgets and provided documentation and training to level designers and artists.
• Prototype node graph shaders while collaborating with tech art to optimize for full production.

Sr. Environmental Artist, 2004-2010

• Design and construction of numerous single and multiplayer levels for Ghost Recon series.
• Modeling and texturing of numerous individual assets used across the entire game.

Level Design/Art, 2002-2003

• Freelance level build work on Deadly Dozen series.

Creative Carnage
Lead Artist, 2000-2004

• Lead Artist for small art team.

Level Design/Art, 1998-2000

• Freelance work on Myth II multiplayer levels, and Myth II: Chimera expansion pack.